Monday, October 1, 2018

WTF Campout 10/6!

Seven Stars Cycles is hosting another W/T/F (women/trans/femme) bikecamping outing to Jordan Lake's Crosswinds Campground. The route is 24 miles (each way) with the majority of the route on the American Tobacco Trail (i.e. flat and no cars!).

All participants will be responsible for packing and carrying their gear and food. We will be arriving at the campground by 6 PM and will depart the campground by 10 AM on Sunday morning. The campout will occur rain or shine unless heavy thunderstorms are forecasted for the majority of the time.

This trip is open to any and all interested women/trans/femme identifying folks. To RSVP, and if you have any questions about bikecamping, please email Lisa Miller,