Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"Life Is Like Riding A Bicycle..."

Who are we to argue with Albert Einstein? If you've been to the shop recently you know we're moving, if not then you need to stop by more often and have a beer with us (or get your bike fixed). This will be our last week in the Holland Building basement, on Tuesday March Fourth (!) we'll be operating out of our new and forever home around the corner at 104 West Parrish St. Sewing aficionados everywhere will  recognize this address as being that of the wonderful Sew Crafty, but don't worry they just moved upstairs to the second floor. Our new storefront at the corner of Parrish and Orange will include such amenities as a door that can be opened from the outside, a window and lights. Oh, and plumbing. We're also strategically located in the middle of a triangle formed by Scratch Baking to our north, Loaf Bakery and the new kid coffee shop/bar on the block Intrepid Life to the west, and Monuts and Bull City Burger and Brewery on the same street to our east. Thankfully, we can still see the Parlour from where we are, too. Pretty sweet.