Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bloody Bike and Brunch!

Seven Stars Cycles intern extraordinaire Lisa Miller invites you to join the first Bloody Bike and Brunch this Sunday the 13th. This is a self supported no drop 25+ mile ride with Seven Stars Cycles owner Adrian and his trusted intern along for the ride.
There are 3 bail out options along the route for those wanting to do a shorter trip.
At the end of the ride we will meet up at Motorco for Bloody Brunch. Seven Stars Cycles will be open before and after the ride for any gear needs or mechanical tweeks.
Meeting at 10am at the shop, hope you will join us.

Here's the route.


skvidal said...

While I'm sure a lot of people know what day and what DATE bloody brunch is - not everyone does. Maybe put a date/day on this announcement, too?

Seven Stars said...

Done and done. Thanks Seth!